See me with Blue Fever

Blue Fever, a streaming platform focused on women, invited me to participate in their launch. See my appearance in their company promo below! 

I'm on Locally Sourced Joey Podcast!

"In this episode, Joey is joined by producer, writer, and all-around baller Annette Villarreal. She shows the utmost respect to the podcast by chatting on her commute to work. The two chat about spin class, commercials, cats with Instagram accounts, and a whole lot more. Listen along, won't you?"



I am now an official X-Factor Films Creator

With the New Year comes new opportunities, and for me, that means joining the honorable ranks as an official “creator” with X-Factor Films. And for those who have not yet heard me gushing about it, X-Factor Films is a digital studio created for groundbreaking female filmmakers. You can learn more about it by clicking here.   


Basically, this means they represent me as a creator; as a producer of female driven content. I have a profile page on their website and am a part of a new community of Emmy-winning, Academy Award-nominated filmmakers who I am already collaborating with on future projects. These projects will be pitched to major distributors including Netflix and Amazon.  
Subscribe to my profile page to keep up to date on all my new and exciting projects with them, as well as hearing about other filmmakers within my X-Factor family. I’m excited for this new partnership and what opportunities will arise along my journey!

Off White Podcast

I was interviewed on the podcast Off White with documentary filmmaker Cristine Cardenas and writer/director Weldon Powers. Join us as we chop it up about Viola Davis’s win at the Emmys, her moving acceptance speech, and the General Hospital actress that trolled her. We also punish Matt Damon for the ignorant words he said on Project Greenlight. And of course, we play another round of “Re-cast” with the actors of Friends — and it’s a good one! 

Latino Leaders of the Future

Latino Leaders Magazine has honored me as one of the "Leaders of the Future"! The mission of Latino Leaders Magazine is a simple one and is the basis for the new tagline: Connecting Leaders. Inspiring the Future. At the ceremony, I met professionals from different backgrounds and career paths that have become good friends of mine on this journey!

latino leaders 1.jpeg